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*Disclaimer: Unavailability of online services for tax payments will not establish a delay of statutorily applied penalties or a delay of scheduled deadlines.

The Florence County Treasurer’s Office collects and accounts for all county property taxes for Florence County, four school districts, fire districts, Florence-Darlington Technical College, and all of the municipalities (that levy taxes) in Florence County. Your tax dollars are collected, accounted for, and deposited daily. The funds are distributed to the entities for which collected according to South Carolina state statutes governing the office.

The treasurer is also responsible for receipting, depositing and disbursing various state and federal funds provided for Florence county entities.

A message from the treasurer:
It is our goal to provide excellent customer service. We constantly look for ways to improve services and processes. The Florence County Treasurer’s Office belongs to the people of Florence County. It is my honor to serve you.

Tax Payment Information

The Florence County Treasurer’s Office does not place values on property, calculate taxes, or apply late penalties to taxes. The treasurer is charged by South Carolina Code of Laws to collect the full amount of taxes and penalties on the tax notice calculated by the county auditor. No partial payments may be accepted. The treasurer’s office honors postmarks when applying penalties. Receipts are dated the day the payment is processed.

If you are eligible for lower tax rates (according to the billing offices), it may be a significant tax savings for you.

The Auditor's Office levies tax millage, calculates all tax bills, and applies penalties to taxes which remain unpaid according to the statutorily defined due dates. Contact the Auditor's Office for Homestead Exemption information. You must change your address at the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles for regular vehicle renewal notices to be mailed to you.

The Tax Assessor's Office places tax values and tax rates on all real estate, including homes, land, and mobile homes. Contact the Tax Assessor's Office for address changes, legal residence rate, and agricultural rate on real property. 

Payments are accepted in person or by mail at the locations listed. A tax notice (or the stub) must be provided for correct crediting of your payment and to avoid delays.
The main address for mailed payments is:
Florence County Treasurer
P.O. Box 100501
Florence, SC 29502-0501

ONLY CASH, CASHIER’S CHECKS OR MONEY ORDERS ARE ACCEPTED FOR DELINQUENT TAX PAYMENTS unless paying in person with a debit or credit card and proper identification.

*Payments may be made in person at any of the locations with a debit or credit card. Proof of identity and a signature are required. Payments made with a card will include a convenience fee charged by the card processor (1.7% + $1). The fee goes directly to the processor and is not retained by Florence County.

Tax Payment Information

You will receive a confirmation of payment when paying online. Your official tax receipt will be mailed by the Florence County Treasurer’s Office. NOTICE: A 1.83% convenience fee is charged to pay the card processor for the transaction.

The South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles (SCDMV) will NOT accept the online payment confirmation as proof of payment for vehicle tax payments. You should expect an official receipt in the mail within 5 to 10 business days of payment.
Treasurer - 
Laurie Walsh Carpenter

Laurie Carpenter is a lifelong resident of Florence County. After graduating from South Florence High School, Laurie attended Clemson University and Francis Marion University. Shortly after earning her Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration she began her career in the Florence County Treasurer’s Office. In the Treasurer’s Office, Laurie served as accountant, accounting manager, and deputy treasurer before she was elected Florence County Treasurer in 2016.

Treasurer Carpenter is one of nine treasurers in the forty-six counties in South Carolina who also serves as the county tax collector. She is a member of the South Carolina Association of Auditors, Treasurers and Tax Collectors. She is also a member of the Tax Collector’s Association of the Palmetto State. 

Treasurer Laurie Carpenter

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